Are you looking for funding to grow your business?


Do you want to improve your chances of getting money from banks and investors?

When I work with African businesses, they often ask me to help them get funding so they can grow their business. But after I review their documentation and talk to them, I frequently notice the following:

  1. Many basic things are not yet in place.  When these basic things are lacking, banks and investors will not take the request into consideration. The result? No money.
  2. Business owners do not always fully understand how funders make decisions. So their expectations are too high. The result? They are frustrated when the funder does not give them what they want.
  3. Business owners remain in this situation, and get more and more frustrated. And still? No money.

I can help you change this.

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Do you want to become a profitable small business or learn business management skills?

How can I get and retain more customers? How can I use online marketing in my business? How can I grow my business without borrowing money? How do I build up financial reserves? How can I increase my profits without making more sales?

How do I find a good business partner? How do I compete with big businesses? What kind of funding is best for my business? How  do I assess my competitors? How can I do financial forecasting?

How do I prevent employee theft? How can I use dynamic pricing and customer analysis to increase my success? Can you help me improve my business strategy? Can I hire you as my business coach?

Are these some of the questions you are asking?


You have come to the right place.

Hi, my name is Tonia Dabwe. I am here to share my knowledge to help business owners do 3 things:

  1. Increase sales and reduce costs to create a profitable business.
  2. Be more successful when applying for funding by having a better understanding of how banks and investors make decisions.
  3. Grow their business and reach the next level of success. No matter what size they are today.

I am an experienced business advisor and project manager with an educational background in banking & finance. Over the past 20+ years, I built my career in the private and public sectors. For the past 6+ years, I have run my own consultancy, focusing mainly on small and medium-sized businesses and helping them with business growth, funding and international expansion. I am based in the Netherlands and work with businesses in Africa and the Netherlands.

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My education.

Two Masters degrees from Dutch universities in Business Economics and Business Administration, majoring in Banking & Finance. Multiple courses including advisory skills & project management.

My background.

I am the daughter of Liberian and Dutch parents. I was born and raised in Liberia.

I have also lived in Ivory Coast and Spain. These days, I divide my time between Liberia and the Netherlands.

My experience.

20+ years working in the private and public sectors in senior positions. 6+ years experience running my own successful consultancy working with Dutch and African clients. 11+ years managing a successful local NGO in Liberia.

Some results.

Generated 700K USD in funding for African businesses. Developed a strategy to support growth in Dutch micro and small businesses. Managed Dutch projects ranging from 500K to 10M EUR. Interim manager for a new Dutch healthcare concept.


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Do you want to grow your small business?
Do you want to improve your business management skills?
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Do you keep getting rejected by banks and investors without understanding why?

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