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boosting sales in emerging economies with these 10 tips from Guide My Growth

Boosting sales in emerging economies: 10 practical tips

Boosting sales when you do business in an emerging economy can be challenging, but it is crucial for the growth and success of your business. As a business advisor and coach, I have helped businesses in emerging economies across Africa, South Asia and South America improve their sales strategies and increase their revenue. In my

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get more sales from existing customers - Guide My Growth

8 Strategies to get more sales from existing customers

As a business coach, one of the questions I get asked a lot is, How can I increase my sales? The businesses that ask me this are usually focused on finding ways to attract new customers. But in fact, it makes more sense to master strategies to get more sales from existing customers. Attracting new

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An alternative strategy to win over European buyers - Guide My Growth

A strategy to win over European buyers

The European market is of great interest to many businesses in Africa, Asia or Latin America. Over 400 million potential customers who have money to buy and who are interested in having many products and services to choose from. What’s not to like? However, I see many businesses taking an approach that does not get

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Your Most Profitable Customers make your business grow faster - Guide My Growth

Your Most Profitable Customers make your business grow faster

Many businesses don’t know who their Most Profitable Customers (MPCs) are. That is a problem, because the Most Profitable Customers are the foundation of any successful business. They are also the best way to achieve faster business growth. Why? Your Most Profitable Customers bring in most of your profits About 80% of your sales comes

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Businesses survive for 200 years and more with an organic business growth strategy

Why do some businesses survive for 200+ years?

Quick answer: they combine an organic business growth strategy with a long term vision. Many of the small and medium businesses (SME) that I work with are family businesses. Topics that we work on include how to get more sales and increase profitability. For all of my clients, their key focus is how to keep

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Streamline business operations for higher sales - Guide My Growth

Streamlined business operations lead to higher sales

A good way to increase sales is to make your business more productive and streamline areas that are wasting time and money. Can your business afford software that can automate processes? If yes, consider automation of tasks like data entry, staff scheduling, inventory management system, etc. Start by looking for solutions that can replace manual

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Are you ready to export to Europe - Amsterdam - Guide My Growth

Is your business ready to export to Europe?

From time to time, I moderate webinars for CBI. CBI is a Dutch organisation whose objective is to increase imports from developing countries. The webinars inform businesses in Africa, Asia and Latin America about opportunities on the European market. They also offer information about the requirements to enter the European market. After each webinar, many

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Business growth strategies - Guide My Growth

4 types of business growth strategies (with examples)

SMEs often tell they want to grow their business when in fact, what they are saying is that they want to stop losing money. If the challenge you are facing is a lack of sales, lack of profit or lack of customer retention, you need to deal with those issues first before we can talk

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common business models service businesses - guide my growth

Most common business models for service businesses

What is a business model? A business model explains how a business makes money. For a retail store, the business model consists of selling physical products to the customer either through the brick-and-mortar store or through online channels. For a service business, the business model consists of creating and providing value to customers by selling

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strategies to increase profits for a service business - guide my growth

5 strategies to increase profits for a service business

I have worked with several clients who have asked me to share strategies to increase profits for a service business. These clients are service businesses that provide a range of professional services including in IT, international trade, marketing, training, consulting, and high-end design. But some of them are struggling to find ways to increase their

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Improve retail profits with these 5 strategies

Improve retail profits with these 5 little-used strategies

Many retailers in emerging economies or developing countries struggle to get good profit margins because customers have low purchasing power. Or because there are many competitors trying to attract the same customers. I have spoken many times about the importance of targeting a specific kind of customer and the importance of distinguishing yourself from your

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