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Cash flow forecasting for small business

Cash flow forecasting is a key skill that every small business owner should have. Because even if your business is profitable, it can still fail if you do not manage your cash flow well. Why is cash flow forecasting important for small businesses? Some of you tell me, “Tonia, I have no need for cash

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How African business can increase cash flow | Guide My Growth

How a small business can increase their cash flow

“Cash is king.” We all know this saying. Lack of cash is even the reason that most businesses fail. Having cash on hand can help your business withstand challenging times or decide to invest to grow your business. It will allow you to take advantage of unexpected business opportunities. It gives you more peace of

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Cash flow: your small business can be profitable and still fail

Profit does not equal cash flow Your business can fail even though you are making good profits. How can this be possible? One main reason is cash flow. Many business owners do not focus on generating consistent cash flow. Even if they are selling good amounts of products or services, unless that money is coming

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