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This blog is intended to be of service to you. Tell me the main issues you are struggling with to grow your small business or when trying to get funding by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. I will schedule a Whatsapp call/chat with you to discuss the issues and also provide a detailed answer to your questions in future blog posts.

My name is Tonia, and I am here to share my knowledge to help business owners do 3 things:

  1. understand how banks and investors make decisions, so that when they go to a funder, they will be better prepared.

  2. position their small business for success by learning which areas of their business need improvement.

  3. learn best practices of business management so they can generate money for business growth within their own company instead of waiting for somebody else to give them money.

Why I giving free advice about funding for business?

Many African small business owners have been sending me messages asking me to help them raise money to grow their business. But when I review their requests, I notice 2 things. One: many things are not yet in place. Important and basic aspects regarding business management that funders are looking for. Two: many business owners do not fully understand how funders make decisions about whether to give money to a company. And too many business owners also think that business growth will only come if you can borrow money.

There are 3 main reasons why I am giving free advice to business owners:

  1. First and foremost, the business owners that are asking me to help often will not get the money they need  until they reach the quality level that funders demand. Meaning that they need to make some improvements in their business, for example by increasing sales, reducing costs and retaining customers.
  2. I can help business owners improve their business management and improve their applications to investors and banks. But it is not possible for me to work with all business owners due to the amount of questions and the fact that I also have another business and NGO. The blog is my way to help those that I cannot work with.
  3. Finally, when you look at the economies of developed countries, you will see that over 60% of their jobs are created by small and medium enterprises. The result is increased wealth and economic growth. I am proud to see this in one half of my heritage (Europe), and want to contribute to the same development for the other half of my heritage (Africa).

But the information on this blog is not only for African small businesses. Any business that is looking for a pathway to growth and sustainability can take this knowledge, apply it, and get to a higher level of success. No matter what size they are today.

What to expect from me?

On this blog, you will get high quality advice about:

If there is a topic that I do not consider myself an expert in, I will work with other experts to get the best possible advice for you. As time goes on, more tools and services will be provided on this website to help support the development of your business.

Who am I?

My name is Tonia Dabwe. I work as a business advisor, growth strategist and project manager. My experience covers the private, public and NGO sectors. I have helped businesses in West Africa raise funds for business growth. I have also advised Dutch and West African organisations about how to improve their business management & operations. Please see About Me to learn more about who I am and what I do.

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Key message

This blog is intended to be of service to you. So tell me, what are the main issues you are struggling with in your business or when trying to get funding? You can send me your questions, and I will will schedule a Whatsapp call or chat to discuss them and also answer them in future blog posts.

It is possible to work with me directly, but you can also apply the knowledge on this blog to take your own business to the next level without any support from me.

How may I help?

What else can I help you with? Just click the button under this post to tell me, and I will answer your questions in future blog posts. Also, don’t forget to Like our Facebook page so you can join our discussions.

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4 thoughts on “Free advice about getting funding for your small business in Africa”

  1. Golden Samukoku

    I need your help on how I can get funding to develop my agriculture project which deals with cabbage and tomato production.

    1. Hello Golden, thanks for reaching out. Can you please fill out the form to share some basic information about your business and some additional information about the issues you are facing?

    1. Hi Joseph, if you fill out the form, we will contact you to set up a free Whatsapp call to discuss this issue. I am also preparing to write about this topic on my blog.

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