Why You Should Identify Your Most Profitable Customers

First of all, knowing your Most Profitable Customers makes it easy to increase your profits and grow your business without funding. Day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Secondly, Your Most Profitable Customers are the customers that bring you the highest profits.

Knowing who they are and why they buy from you means that you can design highly-effective marketing campaigns that will attract more of this kind of customer. It also means that you can start adding higher-priced products or services especially for these customers.

Finally, higher profits bring you less stress and more peace of mind. Most importantly, higher profits mean that you no longer have to chase banks or funders for money to grow your business.

Start increasing your profits

Hi, I'm Tonia Dabwe

I am a small business owner and business strategy advisor. I have Liberian and Dutch parents and was born and raised in Liberia. 

I founded Guide My Growth in 2020 to help small and medium-sized businesses increase profits so that they can grow their business without getting funding. Why? So that they no longer have to waste time running behind banks or other funders.

Many of my clients are based in Africa and South Asia, but I also work with businesses in Europe and the US. 

Through my other strategy consulting business, I have worked for large businesses and organisations in the EU and the US. I am also the Founder & Chair of an award-winning NGO in Liberia that runs social enterprises. Google me to find out more about me.

I am a passionate believer in the power of entrepreneurship to make this world a better place and I know what it takes to build a successful business, even in a developing country.

Tonia Dabwe - Guide My Growth

Start getting higher profits today

Course Overview


The problem
  • Too many small and medium businesses struggle to get funding from banks or investors because they do not meet the criteria set by these organisations.
  • There is an alternative. Instead of wasting your time trying to convince funders to support you, you can start generating the money you need within your own business. How? By following a proven strategy that all successful businesses use to grow the business without funding.
  • The best thing? Once your business prospers, funders will come knocking on your door wanting to work with you!


What you will learn
  • You will learn how to identify the Most Profitable Customers in your business. I will show you, step-by-step, how to use your sales data to find out who they are.
  • I will also explain how to find out WHY these customers buy from you instead of from your competitors. You can use this information to create very effective marketing campaigns to attract more highly-profitable customers.
  • You can immediately apply this strategy in your business and start getting higher profits within one month. More importantly, you can keep using this strategy to continue growing your business.


Who is this for?
  • This masterclass is for business owners who are:
    • already making a profit in their business and who are looking for a proven and easy way to increase profits
    • willing to put in the time and effort needed to achieve results
    • already keeping business records, particularly sales records
    • able to do basic calculations in Excel, though I will explain step by step how to do the calculations
  • Note: if your business is not yet making a profit, you can still learn from the masterclass, but you will not get the maximum benefits.

What Business Owners Are Saying

This is what was missing

Wow! Wow! Thank you very much. This is what has been missing in my business. I am very grateful.

allan - uganda

More business opportunities

I now understand how and where to find more business opportunities. Even online.

EbrahIm - Pakistan

Successful in business

You have shown me how to become successful in business. I hope we can work together in future.

George - Sierra Leone

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get feedback from you?

No, sorry. The Your Most Profitable Customer | Online Masterclass is 100% self-study because I want it to be affordable for as many business owners as possible. If you want to get feedback from me, I also offer a more detailed online training & business coaching programme where you receive feedback about assignments, advice about your business, and answers to any questions you may have. Plus group coaching sessions. I only open that programme a few times a year. If you are interested, email me at [email protected].

What kind of business will benefit from this masterclass?

What I'm showing you in this masterclass works for all businesses that sell products or services. I have worked with retail businesses, agribusiness, import & export companies, small-scale manufacturing companies, IT businesses, consultants, training companies, and schools. All the businesses are small and medium-sized, and they are located in various African countries, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. All have been able to increase profit.

Can you guarantee me that I will get higher profits?

No. Getting higher profits depends on whether you are willing to apply what I am teaching, the level of effort you are willing to put in, and your experience in business. Also, if you have just started your business and you do not yet know how to make a profit, then this masterclass is not the best choice for you.

What kind of business owner should buy this masterclass?

The Your Most Profitable Customer | Online Masterclass is for business owners who are:

  • already making a profit in their business, but are looking for a proven and easy way to increase their profits
  • willing to put in the time and effort needed to achieve results
  • already keeping business records, particularly sales records
  • able to do basic calculations in Excel, though I will explain step by step how to do the calculations

If the above does not describe you, you will still be able to learn from the masterclass, but you will not get the maximum benefit from what I explain.

Is this is a scam?

No. But please feel free do to an online search to learn more about me. My name is Tonia Dabwe.

  • I am the Founder and Director of Guide My Growth
  • Since 2014, I have run a successful consultancy in the Netherlands, mostly catering to clients in Europe and the US
  • I launched Guide My Growth in 2020 to help small and medium companies - many in developing countries - grow their business faster
  • I am the winner of the International African Woman of the Year award, given to me by the UK organisation Women4Africa
  • I am also the Founder and Chair of Mineke Foundation, an award-winning NGO operating in Liberia

It is up to you to decide if I am trustworthy or not.

Stop waiting for banks and funders to give you money


This online training is not a business opportunity. You are registering for a masterclass that will help you start generating more profits in your existing business. Guide My Growth cannot promise or guarantee that you will get the same or similar results as the examples shown in the training. Guide My Growth is not a ‘get rich scheme’ and we do not offer any legal or tax advice. The results you achieve in your business may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees, and/or assurances concerning the level of success you may experience. Your level of success depends on the time you invest in your business, the application of the ideas and techniques shared in the masterclass, and your knowledge and skills level. Testimonials and examples used in this masterclass are examples. They may not apply to all persons and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Guide My Growth reiterates that each individual’s success depends on his or her capacity, dedication, desire, and motivation.