Which organic growth strategy will increase my profits?

Focus your marketing efforts on your Most Profitable Customers.

Your Most Profitable Customers are the ones that bring in the highest profits. They are also the customers that will help your business grow faster.

I created a webinar to explain about these highly valuable customers in a business.

Organic growth: the path to sustained business growth

Did you know that most small and medium businesses grow organically? 

Including highly successful businesses in Europe and the US?

They do this by generating the necessary funding from within their business.

To achieve this, they identify and focus on their Most Profitable Customers.

Why do they do this when European and American banks and investors have so much money?

  • Because even European and American SMEs struggle to get money from funders.
  • To retain full control of their business. Bringing in an outside funder - even a bank - gives some influence to somebody else.

These businesses choose to follow an organic growth strategy that helps them generate higher profits within the business.

Organic growth is the most widely-used business strategy

Most businesses use organic growth strategies to grow. Including businesses that have existed for 200+ years! 

These successful businesses follow a growth strategy with three elements. The two most familiar elements are effective cost management and higher sales. 

The third element is often overlooked. But it is this element that gives businesses their advantage!

The third element is to focus efforts on the Most Profitable Customers in a business.

In my free webinar, I explain who the Most Profitable Customers are and how to identify them. I also explain how to use this knowledge to increase your profits and grow your business faster.

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