Funding is a key necessity for any business that wants to grow.

Yet, many small and medium businesses struggle to get enough funding from banks or investors.

As a result, they cannot realise their dreams. Or, they are forced to grow at a slower pace.

There is an alternative way to get funding to grow your business.

One that does not require you to waste time chasing funders.

It is a way to generate higher profits from within the business by focusing on your Most Profitable Customers.

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Organic growth: the path to sustained business growth

Did you know that most small and medium businesses grow organically? 

Including highly successful businesses in Europe and the US?

They do this by generating the necessary funding from within their business.

To achieve this, they identify and focus on their Most Profitable Customers.

Why do they do this when European and American banks and investors have so much money?

  • Because even European and American SMEs struggle to get money from funders.
  • To retain full control of their business. Bringing in an outside funder - even a bank - gives some influence to somebody else.
    That is why they choose to follow a strategy that helps them generate more money within their business.
Screenshot Credit Suisse research

Case in point

  • Credit Suisse research shows that 70% of Swiss family-owned businesses depend on self-funding to grow their business.
  • This isn't a one-time thing. The average age of a Swiss family-owned business is 86 years! In other words, this strategy leads to long-term organic business growth. 
  • Most interestingly, these family-owned businesses outperformed their peers. Not only in Europe, but globally. Not during one year, but for more than 10 years.
  • Meaning: these SMEs became highly successful and maintained that success for decades using this self-funding strategy!

Organic business growth is the most widely-used business strategy

But not all businesses know how to achieve organic growth.

Successful businesses follow a growth strategy that includes three elements. The two most familiar elements are effective cost management and higher sales. 

The third element is often overlooked. But it is this third element that gives businesses their advantage!

The third element is to build a growth strategy around the Most Profitable Customers in a business.

In my webinar, I explain who the Most Profitable Customers are, how to identify them, and how to use this knowledge to increase profits and achieve faster growth.

Boost Your Profit - Guide My Growth

After viewing my webinar, you will:

  • Understand that generating more money within your business is not difficult. There is a simple system used by all successful business owners. You too can use it.
  • Know exactly where to focus your energy and efforts so that you too can boost your organic business growth. And then sustain that growth in the long term.
  • Be conscious of how to improve your marketing & advertising efforts so that you can attract more profitable customers, increase sales and generate higher profits.

Who am I?

  • My name is Tonia Dabwe. I am the Founder & Director of Guide My Growth. I am an entrepreneur and business growth strategy consultant. As the daughter of a Liberian father and Dutch mother, I grew up in Liberia and currently live in the Netherlands. 
  • I hold Master’s degrees in Business Economics and Business Administration from top Dutch universities. 
  • Since 2014, I run an international strategy consulting business. My clients are mainly based in Europe and the US. Before that, I built a successful career in the public and private sectors. As a business owner, I have personally faced the challenges of building a business that keeps generating higher profits.
  • In 2020, I launched Guide My Growth to help small and medium businesses, many from developing countries, grow their business without having to chase banks or other funders for money. I believe that small & medium businesses can strongly benefit from organic business growth strategies to sustain long-term growth.
  • I am also the Founder & Chair of an award-winning NGO in Liberia that runs social enterprises. I believe that entrepreneurship can bring inclusive prosperity. But I also know the challenges of building a profitable business in a developing country. 
Tonia Dabwe