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Business Strategy Session

Are you a business owner looking for advice and feedback about your business strategy or operations? Are you facing issues in your business that you want an expert opinion on? Then this 1-on-1 business strategy session is for you!

During a one hour Whatsapp/Google Meet/Zoom call, we will discuss the challenges that you are dealing with and I will provide you with my best possible advice.

After payment, you will receive a invitation from Guide My Growth to schedule the strategy session at a date and time that is most convenient for you. You will also receive some questions so that I can prepare for our meeting. Kindly answer these questions before our session so that we can maximise the results of our meeting.



If you want to talk about a specific challenge your business is facing, particularly with regard to profitability or business growth, this 1 hour, 1-on-1 business strategy session is for you!

The importance of strategy

If you want to improve your business performance, your business strategy is the starting point. Strategic objectives are crucial for the success of your business.

When you have a solid and planned approach to your business success, it gives you a roadmap to follow and sets a clear vision for the near future

What is this?

This strategy session is a 1 hour call to help you solve any challenges affecting your business. We will talk about how to effectively use your business resources to meet specific goals and objectives. It is about making decisions that position your company ahead of your competition. Topics can include:

  • How to increase sales

  • How to attract new and/or more highly profitable customers

  • How to maximise the results you are getting from your marketing and advertising
  • How to improve your pricing strategy
  • How to develop a business growth strategy
  • And any other challenges you may be facing in your business

No strategy lasts forever. Your business strategy needs to continue to evolve and improve to remain competitive and achieve your goals. The Business Strategy Session is where you make decisions on how you will win in business.

Please note:

  • After buying this product, you will receive an email with an invitation to choose a time and date that are most convenient for you
  • The email also contains several questions for you to answer before our session so that I can give you the best possible advice


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