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improve your net profit - guide my growth

10 Ways to improve your net profit margin

Profit margins are a key metric for businesses all across the world, but they can be especially important for those operating in developing and emerging markets. This is because you do business while dealing with unique challenges, such as lower purchasing power and less developed infrastructure. These challenges can make it difficult for businesses to

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accelerate your business growth - guide my growth

Accelerate your business growth by tapping into your home country’s potential

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing and emerging countries have a significant potential for growth as the economies in these countries continue to expand. These businesses play a vital role in driving economic development, creating jobs and promoting innovation. In this article, I want to talk about how you can accelerate your business growth

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Double your sales in 3 years

Double your sales in 3 years (and then keep doing so)

As business owners, we are all interested in attaining growth. And usually, to grow a business, funding is required. Research by SME Finance Forum shows that there is a huge funding gap for SMEs. Small businesses are less likely to get a loan than big businesses. Also, if they do get a loan, the loan

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strategies to increase profitability - guide my growth

5 additional strategies to increase profitability

Once you have the basics in place and you start seeing more sales, you can try these 5 additional strategies to increase profitability. 1. Know your most profitable customers Usually, about 80% of your revenue comes from 20 percent of your customers. This is called the Pareto Principle. If you know who these customers are,

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make a business profitable - guide my growth

5 ways to make a business more profitable

If you are struggling to make a business more profitable, it can be challenging to find the best strategy to change the situation. Here are 5 ways that can help you turn things around. 1. Make money by saving money Your business makes money by selling products or services. To sell your products or services,

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Your business is losing money - Guide My Growth

Do this if your business is losing money

If your business is losing money, immediate action is needed. At the same time, you should not make drastic changes without taking the time to consider the consequences. Here is a 7-step approach so that you can turn things around and improve your profitability. 1. Evaluate Your Revenue and Expenses Start by evaluating your monthly

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Why are customers not buying from you | Guide My Growth

This is why customers are not buying from you

Why are customers not buying from you?   Sometimes, whatever you do, customers just don’t buy from you.   It doesn’t matter whether your products or services are of good quality. It doesn’t matter whether you do a lot of marketing. Customers do not come. Or, they leave. Customers only buy when they believe that

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The only 3 ways to increase profits for a small business | Guide my Growth

The only 3 ways to increase profits for a small business

Business owners are always interested in how to increase profits. Profitability is a key performance measure of any small business. It is one of the best metrics to determine whether your business will survive in the long run.  Knowing how to increase profits in a small business also gives you insights into how to improve

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What makes customers buy | Guide my Growth

What makes customers buy (and how to get them to buy from you)?

“What makes customers buy (and how do I make them buy my products or services)?” I think this might be the #1 question that every business owner has. Having a business is great. Being creative and innovative in your business is wonderful. Adding new products or services is fantastic. But unless people buy from you,

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ways to increase sales fast | Guide my Growth

4 ways to increase sales fast (and then keep them flowing)

In business, you cannot realise your dreams unless you have funding. This requires you to know ways to increase sales fast. While there are many places where businesses can get funding, generating money within your business is a key source of funding for business growth. Money that you generate within your business reduces your dependence

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